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NEW!!! Techo-Bloc Borealis

By kmeier - Posted on 24 January 2014

~~Pen Argyl, January 23rd 2014 – This year marks a milestone in Techo-Bloc’s innovation with the Borealis wood plank concrete slab. The modular 5’’- wide plank is being called a trompe-l’oeil by industry professionals; it will have you guessing whether it’s hardwood or concrete.

“The use of wood indoors has long evoked elegance, warmth and comfort”, explains Anna Polspoel, Landscape Architect at Techo-Bloc. “However, that appeal hasn’t reached its full outdoor potential and popularity in our climate due to its poor resistance to our significant weather fluctuations.  Without the commitment of time and money to maintain real wood outdoors, often the alternatives take precedence when the desire is for enduring beauty.”

Techo-Bloc’s Borealis is offered in Sauvignon Oak and Hazelnut Brandy, both light honey-colored woods, as well as the deep and rich colored Smoked Pine; great for adding drama or to break up the honey-toned colors through creative bandings and designs.

Borealis is a game-changer on the design front for landscape architects. “It’s opened so many creative possibilities. Interior designers have enjoyed the luxury of combining different materials and textures such as marble, ceramics and woods to create beautiful and functional spaces; we too now have a variety of options with which to work. By combining Borealis with other pavers and slabs, we can now really push the envelope on outdoor living designs.” explains Polspoel.