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Meier Stone Services

The following is a list of some of the services we offer our customers. Please click on each name to explore any individual service further. If you have a question concerning any of the following services, please feel free to contact us by telephone or email – or by visiting us at our location in Flanders, New Jersey on Goldmine Road. Thank you for your interest in our specialized services.

Custom Cutting

Our experienced staff can custom cut your limestone, bluestone, brownstone or sandstone to the length and width you desire, including radial and notch cuts. Pavers, brick, block, and many other products can also be cut on request.

Thermal Finish

Give your bluestone or brownstone stair tread, hearth, mantle, or sill professionally finished edges with a subtle flamed finish.

Rock Face Finish

Finish off your limestone, brownstone, bluestone or sandstone with a hand-chipped edge to give a unique chiseled look.

Arris Edge

We can also finish your bluestone coping or hearth with an arris edge.  This is a softly rounded finish that removes the sharp angles.

Bullnose Edging

Our Bluestone, Limestone and Travertine copings can also be finished with a rounded bullnose.  Perfect for pool & spa coping!